As an ELECSA approved and certified contractor, we are able to offer the highest level of professional service to the domestic client.  All works will be fully inspected, tested & certified and, where applicable, notified via the ELECSA Competent Person Scheme.

Electric Vehicle Chargers

New service added 2021. With the increasing demand for electric vehicles we are now in a position to be able to install vehicle charging points at your home. 

  • Tethered charging points
  • Untethered charging points
  • 3.6kW charging speed
  • 7.2kW charging speed
  • Smart chargers

Socket Outlets

Do you sometimes find the need for an additional socket outlet in the bedroom,  living room, kitchen, loft etc. ocd-electrical-installing-extra-sockets
We can install you that extra double, single 
socket outlet or fused connection unit.

  • Additional socket outlets
  • Fused connection units
  • Outside weatherproof sockets
  • Metal-clad sockets for the garage
  • Replace old, broken or faulty sockets
  • Convert a single socket to a double socket


ocd-electrical-installing-lightsIf you find that you need extra lighting points then we are able to supply and install any type of lighting from a simple rose & pendant to a designer luminaire.

  • Additional lighting points
  • Replace old, broken or faulty light fittings/switches
  • Ceiling roses & pendants, strip lights, batten holders
  • Downlights (mains and low voltage)
  • Outside spotlights, decking lights
  • Emergency Lighting

Consumer Units & Fuse Board Replacements

Is it time to upgrade that old fuse box or old non-compliant consumer unit for a new 18th Edition consumer unit? It’s a good idea to upgrade now as any electrical work that is carried oocd-electrical-consumer-unit-changeut in your property would need to have RCD protection which old fuse boxes do not have.

The 18th Edition also considers the installation of a Surge Protection Device (SPD).

We install either Hi-Integrity Dual RCD consumer units or the more expensive option of a main switch consumer unit with individual RCBO’s.  


It’s a good idea to have a pre-works check as this will find common problems such as broken ring circuits or earth continuity issues, plus the installation of an RCD or RCBO’s could detect neutral to earth faults which old fuse boxes sometimes don’t detect. These can be resolved at additional costs but it does ensure that your circuits are fault free before installation commences.

Other checks include the size & continuity of the main earthing conductor and main protective bonding conductors and External earth fault loop impedance.

We allow a day to make the change and to carry out a full test of your installation but this does depend on how many circuits you have and any unforseen problems that may arise.


Electric Oven & Hob Installationocd-electrical-installing-oven

Have you ordered a new cooker and/or hob? We can safely disconnect your old cooker and install your new cooker professionally and safely.

We will also ensure that your existing circuit is suitable and safe for your new cooker.

Fault Finding, Repairs and Maintenance

Electrical installations do deteriorate over time due to wear & tear, corrosion, circuit overloads and the human factor (accidental damages!).ocd-electrical-rcd-tripping

Are you experiencing any of these common electrical problems:- 

  • Circuit breakers tripping or fuse blowing
  • Damaged cables
  • Loss of power or lighting
  • Burn marks around socket-outlets
  • Burnt connections
  • Green “goo” around connections
  • And the most frequently experienced problem……RCD tripping

OCD Electrical can help to identify, locate and fix all kinds of electrical faults.


How long does it take to identify the fault?
Fault finding can be challenging and could take hours or it could be identified within minutes. It may be a short circuit, overloaded circuit or it could be simply a loose wire.

On arrival we will consult with you to ascertain the nature of the fault. This will be followed by a visual inspection where we will be looking for clues such as signs of wear & tear, damage to cables or accessories, signs of overheating or corrosion, and water ingress. Tests will also be carried out on the faulty circuit so access would be required to all accessories on that circuit.

Once the fault has been identified we will explain the problem and the proposed solution.

Rewires, Partial Rewires, New Circuits

Electrical installations deteriorate with age, wear & tear, misuse and the DIY market more than likely is not carried out in accordance with the national standard for safety of electrical installations, British Standard 7671 (as amended) – Requirements for Electrical Installations (the IET Wiring Regulations).   

 Signs that you may require a rewire are:-


  • Rubber insulated cable (wiring installed pre-1966) which becomes brittle
  • No earthing conductor (CPC) in the lighting circuit
  • Wall mounted light switches in bathrooms
  • Sockets mounted on skirting boards
  • Round pin sockets
  • Black switches, round switches
  • Rubber cables, braided flex, fabric coated cables, lead coated cables
  • Rewirable fuse box with wooden back
  • Lots of separate switch fuses and rewirable fuses everywhere
  • Constant fuse blows or breaker tripping

Generally, if its an old house with all the original old accessories and not enough sockets for the level of electrical equipment a normal household uses then its time to consider a rewire.  

A rewire will also include replacement socket-outlets, light pendants, consumer unit and upgraded bonding.

Information on Rewires

An occupied rewire will take longer and cost more and there are many factors to consider:-ocd-electrical-rewire-cable

  • Furniture will have to be moved, electrical equipment, ornaments and pictures removed
  • The loft will also need to be cleared
  • Carpets and floorboards need to be  lifted
  • A rewire involves chasing, drilling and chiselling and therefore  it will be very messy
  • The whole process will be quite disruptive for you

At the end of each day the power will be restored so will not be left without power overnight.

We can provide a temporary supply to fridges & freezers etc during the day whilst the work is being carried out.

All mess will be cleared up at the end of the day.

An unoccupied / empty house rewire is preferable as it will be quicker and less disruptive for many reasons:-

  • There is no furniture, electrical equipment, ornaments and pictures to move
  • The loft is empty
  • There maybe be no carpets to lift
  • Access is not hindered
  • Power doesn’t have to be restored at the end of the day
  • The mess can be cleared up after each room has been completed

Please note that we are unable to offer post rewire plastering, decorating, wooden floor or carpet fitting but we can recommend suitable trades people.

As a guideline a rewire for a three bedroom home normally takes anywhere between five to ten days but this could be longer for an occupied rewire. 

Outbuilding & Garage Wiring

Transform your garaocd-electrical-garage-wiringge by providing power to it. You would need a modern style consumer unit in your houses plus the the gas and water bonding needs to be up-to-date but we will advise before work commences. 

Power would be supplied from your main consumer unit by SWA* cable and a separate two-way RCD consumer unit will be installed in the garage. Once this has been installed then two circuits can be installed, one for the power and one for the lighting.

We will use conduit for the wiring and metal-clad sockets & switches. Lighting can be flourescent striplight. 

*The Steel Wired Armour cable will be laid in a trench and back-filled.

Bathroom and Kitchen Extractor Fansocd-electrical-extractor-fan

Do you need a new extractor fan for your bathroom or kitchen or do you need an old extractor fan replaced with a new one? 

Bathrooms and kitchens can get a little steamy and without proper ventilation this could cause mould and damage to the wall decor.

Shower Connection

ocd-electrical-shower-wiringIf its a simple change from one shower unit to another then its quite straight forward but your existing electrical supply will be checked first to ensure it is compliant for the new shower unit.

To install a new shower unit would involve the installation of a new circuit. We would make  an assessment of your electrical installation and install the shower according to the manufacturers specification.  Unfortunately we are unable to install the necessary plumbing requirements but we can certainly install the power supply.

Plus many more…

 For whatever electrical job you may have, no matter how big or small, just give us a call.

Fixed Wire Testing

Over the years domestic electrical installations suffer damage and deterioration throughout their operational life. Every property should have its electrical installation tested and certified periodically (Domestic Electrical Condition Report) to ensure that they are safe.
Our report will reveal if electrical circuits are being overloaded, find potential hazards within the installation, identify defective work, highlight any lack of earthing or bonding and continue to test the fixed wiring of the installation, measurement test results, comments of inspected items and an overall conclusion of satisfactory/non satisfactory. This also includes testing circuit breaker rating, fuse ratings and RCD’s to ensure they trip under fault conditions. Information about any parts of the wiring that are unsafe, non compliant to regulations, or anything that is showing evidence of deterioration will be highlighted in the report.